Heather Dodd

Owner and Senior Copywriter at Cuttlefish Copywriting

Cuttlefish Copywriting recently sat down with Heather Dodd, owner and head writer, for an interview.  Not everyone gets Heather’s sense of humor, but at Cuttlefish Copywriting, she keeps everyone smiling.

Cuttlefish Copywriting: Why do you like writing copy?

Heather Dodd: Writing copy means I get reach into to the readers’ brains and nudge them to think or act a particular way. It’s like Jedi mind control. I won’t lie. I like the power.

CC: What’s the hardest thing about writing copy?

Heather: First, I need to get the attention of the reader. People are busy and flooded with other distractions that bland content never gets noticed. I get the reader’s attention by showing that the business understands the problems of their customers emotionally and practically. But, of course, understanding is not enough. They want their problems solved. That’s where I use my Jedi mind control and convince the reader to take action.

CC: What gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling? 

Heather: I love helping clients share their passion with the right people. It’s hard for me to believe, but some people like writing about as much as I like getting my teeth drilled. Plus, I love hearing the joy and relief in a client’s voice when they get their writing on time and it attracts new business.

CC: Who are your favorite clients?

Heather: I have a special place in my heart for organizations that improve the lives of children.

CC: How did you pay the bills before you started writing copy?

Heather: I taught elementary school for ten years. Most of my students spoke Spanish as a first language. I learned how to communicate clearly. I still use many of the communication techniques for writing copy, that I did for teaching children. That's one reason I love writing content for Mathnasium.

CC: How should people contact you for more information?

Heather: It’s usually best to email me and then we can set up a time to talk. My email is info@cuttlefishcopywriting.com

You can also send me a message by carrier pigeon, but I might take longer to respond.



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