How Blogging Provides an Internet Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

You are passionate about your small business.  You wake up energized with ideas. You spend your days perfecting your products and service.   The problem is that not enough potential customers find it on the internet.  You need an effective, cheap internet marketing solution.

Online blogging is an often overlooked marketing solution. This quick overview of online marketing explains how blogging increases your authority in your market.

Who would benefit the most from your product?  

People buy things that solve their problems or give them a new opportunity.  As a small business owner, consider online marketing as a way to connect products to the people who would love them and can afford them.  They are your target market. If you sell high end violins, you will be marketing to people who value excellent music and workmanship.  If you sell budget violins in bulk, school districts may be just the right place.  You don’t need a degree in marketing to figure out who your target market is.

Your content should be aimed at your ideal client.

Your content should be aimed at your ideal client.


How does blogging help? 

After you establish who your target market includes, start writing blogs to that audience. A blog helps establish your authority with a specific audience.  Get to know your target customer well so that you can address their needs and appeal to their desires.  Write blogs within your niche as if you’re giving advice to a good friend.  Becoming a trusted authority in your field, will get people to return to your site, recommend it to others on social media, and tell their friends about you.  People buy from people they trust.


Does search engine optimization, keyword data, link building, social networking and other internet marketing tools confuse you?  

There is a huge industry built around online marketing.    Outsourcing to professionals helps tremendously.  When you have the budget, and can handle the increase in business, these online marketing geniuses are a great investment.  But just writing a weekly blog is a great solution for small businesses to market online.  Blogging will increase how Google sees your website and how your customers view you.  

What should you blog about? 

Blog about what matters most to your customers!  My customers are small business owners, so I blog about what matters to them.  My blog must add value to their lives.  A website visitor reading a helpful blog often converts into a loyal customer.

What my customers are searching for?

Basic keyword data is available on Google AdWords.  Copywriters and digital marketing professionals have more advanced tools like SEMrush  Get to know your customers and ask them directly what topics would help them.  Nothing shows them you care more than addressing their specific needs.


Don’t have time to blog? 

Make time or hire a copywriter.  A website without a blog gets stale quickly.  Fresh content should speaks to the heart of potential customers.  It is one of the easiest marketing strategies there for small businesses today. Want to increase your ranking on search engine results page? Start blogging.

Looking for a copywriter to get your blog started?  My passion is to help people just like you.