What is a Cuttlefish?

Cuttlefish are not cuddly or fish!

Cuttlefish are in the same family as squid and octopus- cephalopoda. Cephalopod means "head foot".  Male cuttlefish have 8 tentacles and females have 6.

 If a Cuttlefish could write... they would write great copy. 

Cuttlefish squirt ink.   They have a basic writing tool. 

Cuttlefish can change their color and texture to match the sand, plants, coral ... basically anything.   Effective copy uses the voice and style of the targeted audience.  Call it "camouflage", "code switching" , or "fitting in"- both the cuttlefish and the copywriter must be experts at it.  Both copywriters and cuttlefish master the art of disguise.

Cuttlefish are super cool.  Check out this video.  Warning: The mating scene and description at the end will make you blush and laugh.