How to Hire The Best Copywriter for Your Unique Business.

Hiring the best copywriter for your unique business takes time and energy.  Spend time researching the copywriter to find the right fit for your unique business needs. Consider

  1. Expertise
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Price 

 Contact 3 copywriters to see if your business is you’re a good fit for the writer’s skill set.  Many writers specialize in different industries.  Some writers focus on improving a site's search engine traffic, or drafting white papers, or launching a social media campaign.  Think carefully about your goals.  The right copywriter for your project will grow your business in ways you never dreamed possible.  Your profit relies on attaining and keeping customers.  Good content marketing brings customers to your website and keeps them interacting with your brand.  Your excellent product or service keeps the coming back for more.


Bring in more revenue with powerful copywriting.

Bring in more revenue with powerful copywriting.


Your expertise in your core business makes your products and services valuable to the unique community you serve.  You are a great dojo owner, or a fantastic mountain property real estate agent or hair salon that targets children. You add value to your customers' lives.  Explain to the copywriter how you are unique in your field. 

The more your copywriter understands your industry and your niche, the better the copy will be.  If you are selling tickets on a luxury cruise, the appeal will be different than someone selling a software package to a school district.  Hire a copywriter that has expertise in your industry.  She will craft the appeal to solve your target market's biggest problems.

Brand is what people think of you when you aren't listening.

Brand is what people think of you when you aren't listening.


Branding is a crucial element to effective copy.  Your website and printed materials are often the introduction a customer has to your company.  You want the content marketing to embody the core values of your business.  What makes your business unique?  That is your brand.

Consider several ice cream companies, Häagan-Dazs®, Ben and Jerry’s® and Dreyer’s Slow Churned®.  They all make delicious ice cream, but their brands and appeals are very different.  The copy on their websites reflect the different branding strategies. 

  1. Häagan-Dazs®, uses the tagline “made like no other” and the product descriptions are very sensual and exotic sounding. 
  2. Ben and Jerry’s ® uses funny flavor names and the product descriptions use casual language. 
  3. Dreyer’s Slow Churned® has the tagline, “All the Flavor. Half the Fat.”  The product descriptions use words to highlight the intensity of the flavor.

 Each company effectively speaks to a different audience to promote their product.  How do you want your company represented?  Make sure that the copywriter you hire understands your branding strategy and can speak to the targeted audience.


Don’t you wish you could ignore price?  Savvy business owners can never ignore price.  Keeping costs low means higher profits. But price can’t be your only consideration.  Quality is just as important. 

When you hire a copywriter, you are making an investment in your business. You need copy that captures the essence of your unique selling point.  Content marketing informs the target audience why your unique business solves their needs. It includes a call to action, so that the visitor to your website converts into a customer.  The best copywriter for your business crafts headlines that capture the attention of the right people.  Random visitors to your website might look good when you look at metrics, but you want to convert visitors into sales.  Carefully crafted content marketing does more than just generate visitors.  It produces an increase in sales.

Final Considerations

After discussing price, branding, and expertise with three potential copywriters, it is time to close the deal.  You might consider hiring one for a small project at first, like 5 articles for boosting your visibility on search engines.  If things go well, you have found a business partnership that will result in increases sales for years to come.

If you have experience hiring a copywriter directly, or through a website like, please share your experience.  What worked or didn’t work for your business?