Stop wondering if you should do email marketing

Email marketing trumps social media marketing by a considerable margin for generating sales. If Email campaigns and social media campaigns were running a race towards increased sales, email would be an Olympic Kenyan and Facebook would be your grandmother.  

Email gets results.

Email gets results.


E-mail marketing serves 3 functions:

  1. It builds trust with potential customers.

  2. It gives current customers helpful information.

  3. It prompts previous customers to return.

Building trust

Every morning I get emails from different businesses.  Kissmetrics sends me valuable content about digital analytics. I am not their customer yet, but I found them on social media and internet searches about their content. Their content is good enough that I wanted it to come to me instead of me searching them out.  I subscribed to their email services to get their content delivered to my inbox.  When I am ready for their services, do you think I am going to do an internet search for analytic help? No! I am going directly to the people who have built a relationship with me via email.

Think about your business.  What kind of content can you offer potential customers?  Think about your area of expertise authority and the business you are promoting. Physical trainers may have content instructing potential clients how to do stretches.  Don’t worry about giving away your expertise for free.  Potential customers will get enough information to trust you as an authority. Die hard DIYers were never potential customers anyway. Your content converts people who value your expertise.

Helpful Information

I am a Netflix customer.  Their emails give me useful tips and recommendations about products. My experience with their products are enhanced by their emails.  Their frequent emails help retain me as a customer.  I learn what shows I might like and when I can expect the next movie in the mail.

How could your customer experience be enhanced by helpful content?  Do your clients frequently ask for the same information?  Build content around that idea.  Real estate agents should email  current clients about  preparing for a move or getting through the escrow process. Happy customers will be your best salespeople.

Previous Customers

I get tons of emails from companies that I have done previous business with like Lands End, Zulily, and Tumbletrak. Sure, I deleted 88% of their emails.  But each of those companies have scored an extra sale from me due to an email they sent me.

Emails reminds previous customers about your products. If they only generate a 10 percent click through rate (CTR) that still means money in your pocket. Previous customers are much easier to convert than new customers (assuming you are providing a good product or service).  They have already proven that they are your target audience. When times are a little slow, or you are going to raise prices, or you have a clearance sale-- send out an email to previous clients. 

Want to know how to do email marketing?  Subscribe below and I will send you more information about email marketing and other ways to use content to convert customers.  Am I giving away my expertise for free? Yes.  Am I worried that you won’t hire me for your content marketing needs? No.

Refer back to building trust. If you are set on doing it yourself, you are not my target audience.   Enjoy the content, I hope you learn valuable information. Some of you will learn about the process and then want me to write the email campaigns. Then you will convert more customers and I will have happy clients. We all win.